We will be closed June 19th (Fri) and June 20th (Sat).

We’re a small clinic practicing out of Dragonfly Holistic Healing, a progressive and positive collective in the heart of beautiful Fremont, Seattle, WA, “The Center of the Universe.”  Our Practitioners bring unique skills and a patient-centered approach to healing that is second to none.

Our mission is to provide affordable, quality health care to all those who seek it.  We strive to build a bridge between personal health and the well being of the community we share through outreach, education, community building and breaking down the social barriers that create division between people.  We strive to make the space accessible for like-minded individuals to get treated, together.

Acupuncture works best over time by stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms.  It is gentle and safe, and usually a gradual process.  Almost everyone who gets Acupuncture will need a series of treatments to obtain maximum benefit from this medicine.

For many people, a course of private treatment is cost-prohibitive and impractical due to time constraints, work conflicts, or other reasons.  If you pay what you can, and come when you’re free, then you never have to worry about choosing Acupuncture or ______________ (fill in the blank).

Come find out what we’re all about!

We are here Mondays from 4-8PM  Dave Smart

Wednesdays from 4-8PM  Dave Smart

Fridays from 4PM-8PM  Dave Smart

Saturdays from 9AM-3PM  Mayumi Hashizume